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Too Much of a Good Thing: Are You addicted to Your Smartphone?

With his current effort, Dr. Roberts asks readers if they may be getting “Too Much of a Good Thing” regarding their smartphone use. This is no hoity-toity treatise but a fun and humorous look at our attachment (addiction?) to our smart phones. In chapter two you can respond to 12 short statements and see for yourself. Are you addicted to your smart phone? And, if you are, “What’s the big deal?” In chapter three, experts tell us whether we can actually be addicted to our smart phones. The act of phubbing (phone snubbing) and its impact on your relationships is broached in chapters 4-6.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. Chapter seven offers a crash course on smart phone etiquette while chapter eight shares some interesting (and often sobering) facts about driving while distracted. Chapter nine debunks the four myths about multitasking and how our phones may undermine our productivity at school and work. Finally, he offers some easy solutions to all this telephony. Smart Phone Smack Down is all about carving out some time away from your smart phone so you can explore all the wonders available off-line if you just take a few minutes to power down. This is a life changing book and a journey that Dr. Roberts looks forward to sharing with you. So, put your smart phone on “airplane mode” and let’s get started.

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About The Author

Dr. James A. Roberts is an award winning author. His research on smartphone use (over-use?) and quality of life issues has been published in top journals and has received wide-spread media coverage.

Dr. James A. RobertsJames A. Roberts is a well-known author with approximately 100 articles published in the academic literature. He is currently the Ben H. Williams Professor of Marketing at Baylor University in Waco, Texas where he has been a faculty member since 1991. “Too Much of a Good Thing” (his second book) follows closely on the heels of his highly successful first book, “Shiny Objects”, which focused its attention on how our love of money and material possessions impacts our happiness.

Dr. Roberts is a nationally recognized expert on human/consumer behavior and has studied one form or another of addictive behavior for the past 15 years.

He has been quoted extensively in the media and has appeared on the CBS Early Show, ABC World News Tonight, NBC’s The Today Show,’s “The Daily Ticker”, and has been quoted or featured on The O’Reilly Factor, US News & World Report, the New York Times, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, National Public Radio, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Yahoo! Tech (one million page views), and countless other newspapers, magazines, websites, and television appearances.

Some Fun Facts About Smartphone Usage!

% of Americans who own a smartphone.
% of adult Americans who own a smartphone.
% who use their phone to do online banking.
% who use their phone to submit a job application.

62% of smartphone owners have used their phone in the past year to look up information about a health condition.

Select Media Appearances

Dr. Roberts has appeared on NBC, CBS, and ABC and numerous radio programs and has been quoted in nearly every major newspaper, magazine, and extensively across the web. He also has been a frequent guest on public radio.

CBS Early Show

ABC World News Tonight

New York Times

USA Today

Cosmopolitan Magazine

Wall Street Journal Classroom Edition

Women’s Wall Street Journal

Health Magazine (also

Dr. Roberts’ Latest Posts

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