Recent CNN Coverage of our Research on Phubbing

Here’s a link to a CNN piece on our research on phubbing (phone snubbing). An update to my book on smartphone addiction (Too

The Daily Beast Interview (formerly Newsweek)

Here’s the link to my recent interview with The Daily Beast.

Good Morning America Appearance (11-20-2015)

Hello All, Here’s a link to my GMA segment:  

The Doctors (ABC) TV Show Talks About Our Phubbing Research

Hello All, The Doctors TV show spent 3.33 minutes talking about our phubbing research. Here’s the clip: Think about Too Much


Intexticated: distracted by the act of texting while driving to such a degree that one seems intoxicated. – Anonymous What follows is

Too Much of a Good Thing in Psychology Today!

Click the link the below to see how your smartphone use affects your romantic relationships. This article appeared in Psychology Today on

Too Much of a Good Thing and Phubbing Hits the O’Reilly Factor Last Night!

Hello All, Please find attached a file that contains the video of our segment on the O’Reilly Factor last night (October 8th

Cellularitis: Sleeping With Our Cell-Phones

What follows is a loose excerpt from my new book (of “Phubbing” fame), Too Much of a Good Thing: Are You addicted

Clarification: Origin of the word “Phubbing”

I have been very excited to see the extensive coverage of our research on Partner Phubbing and relationship satisfaction. I have noticed,

How Far (Deep) Would You Go to Save Your Smartphone?

I have a friend, let’s call her Camille Rose, who shared a story that represents the depths people will go to retrieve