Too Much of a Good Thing Hits Corp Magazine. “Hair of the Dog”,? Social contracts? What does this have to do with your smartphone? Read this to find out.

Here’s an article that will help all stay focused on what really matters!    

Too Much of a Good Thing hits public radio!

Listen to my captivating 20 minute interview on smartphones with BYU public radio.

News Alert! Interview on KWTX Tonight & Tomorrow Morning (also on KWTX website)

News Alert! I was interviewed by Carlos Garcia of KWTX (channel 2) about smartphones and will appear at 10:00 p.m. tonight (9-14)

“Text Neck”

“Text Neck” Exclaiming that your smartphone can sometimes be a “real pain in the neck” has never been truer. Text neck is

Cell Phone Addiction Quiz Gets Nearly a Million Page Views on Yahoo!Tech

Hello All, I have been absent from posting for some time but wanted to make available to you my cell phone addiction

Today Show Interview

Here’s a link to a brief interview I did about cell phone addiction that was part of a segment on “nomophobia” that

Cell-Phone Jones (Addiction)

My research (with friend and colleague Steve Pirog) on cell-phone addiction,, has created quite a media stir recently. Coverage has even jumped

$550 Million Power Ball Lottery = Happiness?

With all of the excitement over the now $550 million Power Ball lottery, I thought I would share with you a brief

Mary Todd Lincoln: First Lady of Shopping

While perusing the Sunday paper I was pleasantly surprised to see that the new “Lincoln” movie with Daniel Day Lewis was third

Gratitude: Pay It Forward

In my last post, I promised we would take a closer look at gratitude. Since we are only a few days from