Too Much of a Good Thing hits public radio!

Listen to my captivating 20 minute interview on smartphones with BYU public radio.

News Alert! Interview on KWTX Tonight & Tomorrow Morning (also on KWTX website)

News Alert! I was interviewed by Carlos Garcia of KWTX (channel 2) about smartphones and will appear at 10:00 p.m. tonight (9-14)

“Text Neck”

“Text Neck” Exclaiming that your smartphone can sometimes be a “real pain in the neck” has never been truer. Text neck is

Cell Phone Addiction Quiz Gets Nearly a Million Page Views on Yahoo!Tech

Hello All, I have been absent from posting for some time but wanted to make available to you my cell phone addiction

Today Show Interview

Here’s a link to a brief interview I did about cell phone addiction that was part of a segment on “nomophobia” that

Cell-Phone Jones (Addiction)

My research (with friend and colleague Steve Pirog) on cell-phone addiction,, has created quite a media stir recently. Coverage has even jumped

$550 Million Power Ball Lottery = Happiness?

With all of the excitement over the now $550 million Power Ball lottery, I thought I would share with you a brief

Mary Todd Lincoln: First Lady of Shopping

While perusing the Sunday paper I was pleasantly surprised to see that the new “Lincoln” movie with Daniel Day Lewis was third

Gratitude: Pay It Forward

In my last post, I promised we would take a closer look at gratitude. Since we are only a few days from